President Garfield’s Condition: September 11, 1881, 6:00 PM

Portraits of Garfield's six doctors surround an illustration of the President on his sickbedELBERON, N. J.,
September 11, 1881.

6 P. M.
The President has passed a quiet day, although the temperature has been somewhat higher and his pulse more frequent than during the previous twenty-four hours. At the evening dressing quite a large slough of connective tissue was removed from the region of the parotid. He continues to take a sufficient quantity of nourishment, and enjoys it. At the noon examination his temperature was 100°; pulse, 110; respiration, 20. At the evening dressing his temperature was 100.6°; pulse, 110; respiration, 20.


This post is one of a series reenacting the official bulletins released to the public by the physicians to President Garfield during his illness after the shooting on July 2, 1881.

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