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Drawing of the AIDS Memorial Quilt on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. December 01

Trade Cards in The Fight Against AIDS

By Ginny A. Roth     World AIDS Day is an international observance held on December 1st each year and an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died. World AIDS Day was the first ever global […]

Letter to Magic Johnson thanking him for his participation on the Commission May 19

June E. Osborn: At the Center of National Policy on AIDS

By Gregory Pike and John Rees A new archival collection, June E. Osborn Papers, 1954–2001, is now available at the National Library of Medicine for those interested in AIDS history and the federal government’s early response efforts. Osborn was an expert advisor in urgent health and medical issues—including AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), virology, infectious diseases, vaccines, and […]

Detail from the cover of the Understanding AIDS brochure. December 01

Challenging an Epidemic of Misinformation

By Christie Moffatt The focus of this year’s World AIDS Day is on challenging myths and focusing on facts about HIV, rethinking stereotypes and being positive about HIV. On this day we might also honor those who took up such challenges in the early years of the AIDS epidemic. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett […]

A simple bar graph style chart titled American War Deaths and ranking deaths from various wars in comparison to AIDS deaths, with AIDS at 319,849 (through 1995) and World War Two at 291,557. December 01

Surviving and Thriving: The Making of an Exhibition

Dr. Jennifer Brier spoke today at the National Library of Medicine on “Surviving and Thriving: The Making of an Exhibition.” Dr. Brier is director of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Circulating Now interviewed her about her work. Circulating Now: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? […]

Blue poster for the Gay Men's Health Crisis' HIV hotline. June 27

Take the Test, Take Control

By Ginny A. Roth This 1995 poster, “You Are Not Alone,” from the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), attempts to quell the fear that was, and still is, deeply entrenched in getting tested for HIV. Since 1982, the GMHC has been a leader in HIV prevention, care, and advocacy.  In this poster, they reached out […]

Abstract cartoon figures cover thier ears, mouth, and eyes. December 01

Getting to Zero: World AIDS Day

By Erika Mills Currently, 35 million people around the world are living with HIV. Many lack access to vital information and resources that would help prevent the spread of the disease. For those living with HIV/AIDS, lifesaving medicines are often out of reach while discrimination presents yet another obstacle to health and well-being. In 1988, […]

A group of men stand holding a banner that reads Fighting for our Lives October 18

Surviving and Thriving: AIDS, Politics, and Culture

By Erika Mills The advent of HIV/AIDS in the early 1980s bred an atmosphere of fear and confusion as people fell ill and died, questions abounded, and answers, like solutions, were in short supply. Those with the disease faced stigma and many politicians ignored the issue or took a moralizing stance. In this climate, people […]