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March 01

Sitting by the Fireside: African American History, Women’s History, and Food

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger, Psyche Williams-Forson, PhD. Dr. Williams-Forson is an associate professor and chair, Department of American Studies, University of Maryland-College Park and the guest curator of NLM’s exhibition, Fire and Freedom: Food and Enslavement in Early America. Leaving the month of February, when we celebrate Black History Month, and entering March, when […]

A realistic line drawing of the palm of a left hand marked with lines, numbers and symbols. October 31

Palmistry: The Future in the Palm of Your Hand

By Atalanta Grant-Suttie Some people think palmistry (or chiromancy as it is sometimes known) is hocus pocus and that it is all nonsense.  How can lines and bumps in the palm of the hand foretell your future?  Yet, you can find palm readers all over the world; you may have one in your area.  Palmistry […]

Man being attacked by insects. July 26

Why me?

By Ginny A. Roth We’ve all been there. It’s finally time for that fun summer barbecue. You’re surrounded by family and friends, the weather is warm, the burgers are cooking, and nothing can ruin this perfect evening.  Well, almost nothing.  While you are lying on your deck chair, eyes closed, and having enjoyed your glorious […]

Inset in the text, a wood cut of an Iris plant in bloom, July 13

A New Herbal in the Collection

By Margaret Kaiser The Library has recently acquired a rare work on medicinal plants by Leonhart Fuchs: Le Benefice commun de tout le monde, ou commodité de vie d’un chascun, pour la conservation de santé [the common benefit of all, for the preservation of health], 1555-56. The book is a very small volume, about 4 […]

A book held open on a table. May 10

“Beyond Chicken Soup” with a Taste of NLM

By Karen Falk and Jeffrey S. Reznick During the past few years, the NLM History of Medicine Division has loaned items from its collections for display in a number of prominent public exhibitions, at venues including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution. Most recently, several rare books and […]

Romantic illustration of two figures with thier heads inclinded to each other. May 05

A Mughal Era Manuscript Curiously Illustrated

By Homira Pashai The National Library of Medicine is the home of many precious manuscripts belonging to the Indian Mughal era (16th–18th century). Among these manuscripts, there is a unique copy of Kitab-i fi al-tibb al-mansuri (Book on Medicine Dedicated to al-Mansur) by Muhammad Zakariya al-Razi (died 925 AD). Al-Razi’s text on the subject of […]

Bontanical illustration of a branch with large oval leaves and stems with clusters of small pink flowers. March 22

Colonialism and the Plant Hunters

By Michael North This post is the fifth in a series exploring the National Library of Medicine’s rich and varied collection of “herbals,” which are books devoted to the description of medicinal plants (and sometimes other natural substances) with instructions on how to use them to treat illness. The Library’s herbals are some of the […]