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A map of the continental United States with blue dots. February 21

The Power of Aggregation

By John Rees We all appreciate the convenience of the modern shopping experience. Who doesn’t love visiting a local farmer’s market on a Saturday morning to browse all the variety of local produce and meats from nearby farms, or logging in to your favorite online shopping site to find that perfect shoe for a fancy […]

A handwritten page listing titles beginning with A. November 09

$150 for Medical Books 180 Years Later

By Kenneth M. Koyle Those who are familiar with the history of the National Library of Medicine know that the Library traces its roots to the U.S. Army Surgeon General’s Library. In 2011, the celebration of NLM’s 175th anniversary reminded us that our institution began in 1836. On this, the 180th anniversary, we take a […]

Ravitch oversees the work of two men in an operating training room. October 25

Mark M. Ravitch: A Surgeon’s Surgeon

By  James Labosier and John Rees A new archival collection, The Mark M. Ravitch Papers, 1932-1989, is now available at the National Library of Medicine for those interested in the history of surgery, surgical techniques, and pediatrics. An internationally recognized pediatric surgeon, medical educator, author, and historian, Mark Mitchell Ravitch was born on September 12, […]

Letter to Magic Johnson thanking him for his participation on the Commission May 19

June E. Osborn: At the Center of National Policy on AIDS

By Gregory Pike and John Rees A new archival collection, June E. Osborn Papers, 1954–2001, is now available at the National Library of Medicine for those interested in AIDS history and the federal government’s early response efforts. Osborn was an expert advisor in urgent health and medical issues—including AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), virology, infectious diseases, vaccines, and […]

Romantic illustration of two figures with thier heads inclinded to each other. May 05

A Mughal Era Manuscript Curiously Illustrated

By Homira Pashai The National Library of Medicine is the home of many precious manuscripts belonging to the Indian Mughal era (16th–18th century). Among these manuscripts, there is a unique copy of Kitab-i fi al-tibb al-mansuri (Book on Medicine Dedicated to al-Mansur) by Muhammad Zakariya al-Razi (died 925 AD). Al-Razi’s text on the subject of […]

Archival file folders. February 16

Ceci Doak discusses NLM’s acquisition of the Doaks’ papers

By Rob Logan The National Library of Medicine recently acquired the papers of Cecilia and Leonard Doak, pioneers in the field of health literacy. In a recent telephone interview for Circulating Now, Ceci Doak shared some thoughts on the early days of health literacy research. Ceci’s work on health literacy began when she met her […]

Michael DeBakey and surgical team at work in an operating room. February 12

A Decade of Phenomenal Progress in Heart Surgery

By Susan Speaker In March of 1959, Dr. Michael DeBakey testified in the U.S. House of Representatives about the phenomenal progress made against cardiovascular disease since 1949. Ten years earlier, diseases of the heart and blood vessels consigned millions to lives as invalids, and very often to an early death. These included children born with […]