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The decorative cover of a hardback book, green with a holly-like decorative border. December 23

Mr. Kris Kringle, 1893

By Margaret Kaiser It is Christmas eve, a Christmas with no presents and the loss of the family home, until a surprising visitor appears… Mr. Kris Kringle is the charming and sentimental story of a young family reunited at Christmas through the intercession of a mysterious visitor.  It was written by Silas Weir Mitchell to […]

November 29

A Book Unfinished: Paracelsus in Hand-Press Sheets

By Stephen J. Greenberg Books today, as physical objects, have reached a very odd place in our consciousness. Readers are increasingly offered books (or at least texts—there is a difference: books are physical objects; texts are their intellectual contents) in a bewildering array of electronic alternatives. Print (on paper) is dead, we are told, at […]

Inset in the text, a wood cut of an Iris plant in bloom, July 13

A New Herbal in the Collection

By Margaret Kaiser The Library has recently acquired a rare work on medicinal plants by Leonhart Fuchs: Le Benefice commun de tout le monde, ou commodité de vie d’un chascun, pour la conservation de santé [the common benefit of all, for the preservation of health], 1555-56. The book is a very small volume, about 4 […]

An artists portait of Susan Coley Nauts seated in front of a bookshelf. April 19

Helen Coley Nauts: Advocate for Immunotherapy

By Douglas Atkins Helen Coley Nauts (1907–2001) was the daughter of a prominent physician and surgeon whom many consider to be the Father of Immunotherapy for cancer, Dr. William Bradley Coley (1862–1936). Dr. Coley treated hundreds of cancer patients in his career, initially by utilizing live bacterial toxins, which in turn activated an immune response […]

Detail of instructions for connecting to GenBank via Telenet. March 03

GenBank & The Early Years of “Big Data”

In cooperation with our colleagues at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), National Library of Medicine (NLM), the NLM’s History of Medicine Division recently acquired the archives of the early history of GenBank, the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences. Today Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Bruno […]

Archival file folders. February 16

Ceci Doak discusses NLM’s acquisition of the Doaks’ papers

By Rob Logan The National Library of Medicine recently acquired the papers of Cecilia and Leonard Doak, pioneers in the field of health literacy. In a recent telephone interview for Circulating Now, Ceci Doak shared some thoughts on the early days of health literacy research. Ceci’s work on health literacy began when she met her […]

A man in a naval uniform poses outside a brick building. November 10

A Pharmacist’s Mate First Class

By John Rees In celebration of Veteran’s Day, the Archives and Modern Manuscripts program highlights the recent acquisition of the Charles Henry Stevens Papers, 1945–1946, selections of which are currently on display in our reading room at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD. The collection was generously donated by his nephew via the […]