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A woman's photograph with overlaid bone structures. July 20

The Wonder in Us, 1921

By Michael Sappol Originally published in Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, 2011. In the early decades of the twentieth century a modernizing imperative took hold. Suddenly it seemed that a new age was dawning—an era of new technologies, fashions, and political philosophies—modern times. In the aftermath of the Great War (1914–1918), with the […]

Grainy still from film that reads: Herr Professor Doktor Jakob Erdheim Prosektor Krankenhaus Der Stadt Wien March 15

Erdheim’s Autopsy: A Silent Film Fragment

Circulating Now welcomes guest bloggers Tatjana Buklijas, Birgit Nemec, and Katrin Pilz whose recent essay “Erdheim’s Autopsy: Dissection, motion pictures, and the politics of health in Red Vienna” on the NLM website Medical Movies on the Web discusses a fragment of silent film in the NLM historical collections: Herr Professor Doktor Jakob Erdheim, 1933, which […]

A colored drawing demonstrating an incision and removal of tissue from a breast. December 03

“Wrapped in flesh”: Views of the body in East Asian Medicine

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Yi-Li Wu. Dr. Wu is a Center Associate of the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan, and a Research Fellow of EASTmedicine, University of Westminster and an organizer of the recent workshop Comparative perspectives on body materiality and structure in the history of Sinitic and East […]

Two skeletons appear engaged in causal conversation. October 30

A Portal of Death

By Elizabeth Mullen Are you ready to walk and talk with the skeletons? It’s Halloween again. As the nights get longer and leaves turn and fall, many will spend the dark evening communing with spooks, specters and skeletons and pondering frightening images of death. The ‘portal of death’ above is the Frontispiece from Bernardino Genga’s […]

X-ray of Masha and Dasha showing them joined together with legs on the top and bottom and heads opposite on the left and right. September 15

The Mysterious Case of Petr Anokhin, Soviet Scientific Cinema, and the Conjoined Twins

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Nikolai Krementsov. Dr. Krementsov is Professor at the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the University of Toronto. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on the history of biomedical sciences in Russia and the Soviet Union. In 1957, the USSR Academy […]

Illustration of a Dissection of the Heart and Blood Vessels August 18

The Human Body in Pictures—Jacob Sarnoff

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Miriam Posner. Dr. Posner is the Digital Humanities program coordinator and a member of the core DH faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her Ph.D., from Yale University, is in Film Studies and American Studies. She is one of the confirmed participants in the upcoming April 2016 workshop […]

A glamourous woman's face linked to sensory stimulations by drawings of biological receptors. May 28

Physiological Ads for the Modern Self

By Michael Sappol Fritz Kahn (1888–1968), a German-Jewish physician-author, was the first great exponent of the conceptual medical illustration—illustrations that go beyond the representation of human anatomy to visually explain processes that occur within the human body. His published works, aimed at a mass readership, contain thousands of imaginative images, produced by a cadre of […]