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A comparison of a normal and drugged brain showing higher l-dopa in the treated brain. October 14

Truly Translational: Louis Sokoloff and PET Brain Imaging

By Susan Speaker Twenty-first century medical practitioners have many ways of making images of the inside of the body, including x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized axial tomography (CT scan), and positron emission tomography (PET). These technologies allow physicians to “see” structural abnormalities, and in the case of functional MRI and PET, can show […]

Still from opening that reads For Official Use Only May 24

Vulnerability to Covert Attack, 1959

By Sarah Eilers Vulnerability to Covert Attack. The film title seems as relevant today as it must have when it was made, in the Cold War days of 1959. In the 1950s and ’60s, the United States government produced, or supported the production of, scores of films concerning the threat of atomic, biological, and chemical […]

An open book showing a hand drawn circular map of water and landmasses. January 21

The Wonders of Creation

By Homira Pashai The National Library of Medicine holds an important collection of over 200 manuscripts dating back to the eleventh century in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish relating to health and medicine. Many of them contain colorful illustrations and calligraphy. Among the collection of over 30 Persian manuscripts, there are a few illustrated copies […]

A hand colored Illustration of a Turkey. November 23

An Early Look at the Turkey

By Michael North Turkeys were one of many animals and plants the Europeans encountered in the New World beginning in 1492. There were wild turkeys throughout much of North America, and Native peoples in what are now Mexico and the U.S. Southwest had domesticated them: the Spanish found them in pens kept by the Aztecs […]

A foldout illustration showing a rearing hourse encircled by a ring of numbered labels with lines to the illustration indicating the relevant part of the horse. September 10

Wonderful Works on Horses

By Margaret Kaiser The Library has acquired two wonderful works on horses. The first, Il Cavallo da maneggio… is by Giovanni Battista di Galiberto, a Neapolitan count and riding master to Emperor Ferdinand IV, King of Hungary and Bohemia. This book,  printed in 1650 in Vienna, Austria, is the first edition of this beautifully illustrated […]

A hand colored illustration of a stork holding a snake in its beak. January 08

Early Studies of Animals

By Michael J. North Some of the oldest materials in the historical collections of the National Library of Medicine are on the subject of natural history and describe the vast diversity of plant and animal life. These natural history texts document the development of thought and investigation into the biological sciences, which contributed significantly to […]

A line drawing of a crossection of a cow's skull. October 22

How To… Kill Animals Humanely

By Michael Sappol Is empathy innate? Are we all born with the ability to identify with the emotions of others, to feel someone else’s pain? Today’s media is chock full of stories about experiments in neuroscience and child psychology that seem to show that the emergence and growth of the ability to empathize is a […]