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A nurse in dark goggles sits by a patient lying with skin exposed to a bright electric light. December 20

Don’t be SAD: A Very Brief History of Light Therapy

By Michael Sappol As December 21, the shortest day of the year approaches, when the gray and dark is at its height and golden sunshine is scarce, it’s easy to feel gloomy. Doctors have a diagnosis for that, Seasonal Affective Disorder (conveniently acro­nymed as “SAD”), a name coined in the 1980s by Norman E. Rosenthal, […]

The Cry for Help title still. December 14

The Cry for Help, 1962

By Sarah Eilers Fifty years ago, renowned American documentary filmmaker George C. Stoney made a series of short training films tackling a tough topic:  how police respond to people who are mentally ill, suicidal, or alcoholic, how to do so more effectively, and why the officers should care. One film in that series, The Cry […]

A hand moves checkers on a board. September 20

Man to Man, 1954

By Sarah Owen and Sarah Eilers “Sanctuary, refuge, hospital….The doors are locked, but it’s not a prison that we enter….This is his job, his living. This ward is his work world.” The film Man to Man (1954) takes the viewer inside the day-to-day job of ward aide Joe Fuller, who supervises and tries to connect […]

A boy looks unhappily at a turtle. February 09

Emotions of Everyday Living

By Sarah Eilers “Daddy, you kicked George!” Paul, a small boy who’s been playing happily in the bath with his pet turtle, George, looks up at his father standing in the doorway, ready to hand him a towel and his teddy bear. Preparing to dry himself, Paul sets the turtle on the floor. Father steps […]

An architectural drawing of a very large, sprawling, high windowed, four story building with two steeples. June 30

The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital

By James Labosier, Ginny Roth, and John Rees A new archival collection, the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital Archives, 1853–2003 is now available at the National Library of Medicine to those interested in the history of mental health institutions and mental health treatment. About Sheppard Pratt Hospital The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, colloquially known […]

Two patients in smocks, one standing, one seated on the floor, in a hallway lined with barred metal doors. May 01

Tearing Down the Walls in Mental Health Care

By Susan Speaker May is Mental Health Month, an annual opportunity to raise public awareness about mental health problems and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness through advocacy and education. For the history-minded, it’s also a chance to see how much things have changed since the first Mental Health Week was observed, back in […]