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101433276_feature October 20

The Punitive Expedition, 1916

By Stephen J. Greenberg The political situation in Mexico, always a matter of great concern to the United States, was particularly volatile in late 1915 and early 1916.  There were several revolutionary armies in the field, fighting the remnants of the government of Victoriano Huerta as well as each other.  The fragmented opposition, with a […]

Woodcut of a woman sowing on a machine in a room full of folded cloth, a nurse stands by while men discuss a parcel. August 02

Hosting the Representative of Flanders

By Jeffrey S. Reznick The richness of Flemish history came alive here at the NLM recently, when we were honored to host a visit of Geert De Proost, the General Representative of the Government of Flanders to the United States. He joins a number of VIPs who have graciously turned their attention to our collection […]

A woman's photograph with overlaid bone structures. July 20

The Wonder in Us, 1921

By Michael Sappol Originally published in Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, 2011. In the early decades of the twentieth century a modernizing imperative took hold. Suddenly it seemed that a new age was dawning—an era of new technologies, fashions, and political philosophies—modern times. In the aftermath of the Great War (1914–1918), with the […]

A group of men in uniform stand outside on the grass in front of a building. December 29

“What a mess! And we are not half through”: Dr. Osler on England’s home front in World War I

By Susan Speaker This is one of a series of occasional posts highlighting collections that document medical activities during the Great War, which lasted from August 1914 to November 1918. These Osler family letters are in the collections of the Osler Library at McGill University and the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns […]

A Classified Record of Literature on Military Medicine and Surgery 1914-1917 November 05

Publications and the Army Medical Library around World War I

Dr. Sanders Marble spoke today at the National Library of Medicine on “Gathering and Spreading Knowledge: Publications and the Army Medical Library around World War I.” Dr. Marble is Senior Historian U.S. Army Office of Medical History. Circulating Now interviewed him about his work. Circulating Now: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you […]

Nurses wait on patients in hospital beds. July 14

AFS and American Volunteerism in World War I

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Nicole J. Milano, Head Archivist and Historical Publications Editor at the Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs. Recently Nicole’s research brought her to NLM to explore the history of volunteerism from World War I to the present for a series of lesson plans in celebration of […]

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Travels of a World War I Nurse

By Dan Caughey Photograph postcards, known as “real photo” postcards, were popular mementos to send to loved ones before and during World War I. There are dozens of examples in NLM’s collection of nursing postcards, which are highlighted in Pictures of Nursing: The Zwerdling Postcard Collection, an exhibition that explores nursing history by examining depictions […]