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A woman examines the throat of a young girl. November 15

The Birth of the Physician Assistant

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Loren Miller, PhD. Dr. Miller is a curatorial assistant at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture and guest curator of NLM’s exhibition, Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care. The physician assistant (PA) profession started as a uniquely American career that developed as a reaction to the changing […]

Ravitch oversees the work of two men in an operating training room. October 25

Mark M. Ravitch: A Surgeon’s Surgeon

By  James Labosier and John Rees A new archival collection, The Mark M. Ravitch Papers, 1932-1989, is now available at the National Library of Medicine for those interested in the history of surgery, surgical techniques, and pediatrics. An internationally recognized pediatric surgeon, medical educator, author, and historian, Mark Mitchell Ravitch was born on September 12, […]

A color halftone printed postcard showing two small figures and a sweeping landscape of mountains, lakes and evergreen forest. August 25

America’s National Parks: Preserved for Public Health

By Anne Rothfeld The National Park Service (NPS) celebrates its centennial on August 25, 2016.  From Maine to Hawaii, the breadth of NPS includes parks, seashores, monuments, Indian reservations, and historic sites.  America’s parks are filled with an abundance of natural wonders: glaciers and rivers, flora and fauna, animals and insects, canyons and sand dunes, […]

A scene from the beginning of the film shows a procession of people of different ages and sexes who suffer from rickets. January 08

The English Disease: The Health Education Film as Nazi Propaganda

By Michael Sappol Deformed unfortunates trudge back and forth, in a darkly-lit procession, over a map of Great Britain as the soundtrack sounds anxious notes of alarm. That extravagantly horrific scene introduces the Die englische Krankheit (The English Disease), a 13-minute black-and-white health education film, produced during wartime, under the supervision of Nazi authorities, by […]

A report, assembled like a scrapbook, with typed pages and attached tabes, graphs, and photographs. August 06

The First Calamity of the Nuclear Age

By Paul Theerman This essay on the Medical Report of the Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima, 1945 was originally published in Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, 2011. The report was authored by Imperial Army Medical College and First Tokyo Military Hospital and consists of bound mimeographs with insert charts, diagrams, and photographs; 10 1⁄4 x […]

Private McGillicuddy's guts are literally 'tied in knots'. July 21

The Five Commandments

By Michael Rhode, with Michael Sappol Essay originally published in Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, 2011. Watch the films now on NLM’s Medical Movies on the Web. Inspired by the U.S. Army’s popular “Private Snafu” animated cartoon series, late in World War II the Navy hired Hugh Harman (1908–82) to do a similar […]

The imps attack the inside of the knee. June 25

The Inside Story

By Michael Sappol Inside Out, Pixar’s latest hit animated feature, is mainly set on the inside of a young girl’s brain. Riley, an eleven-year-old, is operated by a committee of characters, each representing an emotion, who collectively try to deal with her troubles at school and home. It seems like a very contemporary way to […]