Osborn welcomes Magic Johnson to the Commission, 1992

Letter to Magic Johnson thanking him for his participation on the Commission

January 23, 1992
Mr. Earvin Johnson
Magic Johnson Foundation
P.O. Box 32
Inglewood, CA 90312-0032

Dear Earvin,
I want to write, during a quiet moment, to be sure you know how happy I am to have you

join the Commission; you are going to make a wonderful difference to our work, not

only because of the enormous efficacy you add to our voice but also because of the

special insights you add to our thinking and commentary. I was really happy for the

many contributions you made — in both questions and thoughtful comments — during the

hearing last week.

I am also very pleased to get to know you personally, and to realize what a wonderful

and genuine humanity and warmth truly fuels the “magic smile.” Your sincere interest

in everyone involved with the Commission was evident, and it was very clear that when

you use the term “teamwork” it has a very deep and important meaning — both for you

and for those of us who are now lucky enough to be able to call you a “teammate.”

For all of that, many thanks. I am truly excited about what we will all be able to do,

together, in the months ahead.

With warm personal regards,

June E. Osborn, M.D.

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