Magic Johnson Joins the National Commission on AIDS

A copy of a signed typwritten letter dated November 15, 1991

November 15, 1991
The President
The White House
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:
Thank you for your kind letter. I am very grateful for your expression of support.

I would be honored to accept your invitation to serve on the National Commission on AIDS. I hope that my participation will help to increase the attention of the American people to the AIDS crisis, and focus their awareness on what all of us must do to fight this disease.
I appreciate your understanding that it is important for me to remain an independent voice on this issue as I work to educate the heterosexual community, African-Americans and young people to the AIDS crisis.

I hope that the Commission and your administration will be able to work hand in hand in the fight against AIDS and I want yo to know that I will do everything that I can to make a difference


Earvin Johnson

cc Michael S. Ovits, Creative Artist Agency, Inc.
Lon Rosen, FIRSTEAM Marketing, Inc.
David Stern, National Basketball Association

1801 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 344
Los Angeles, CA 90067
213 785-0048 FAX 213 277-0703

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