President Bush Urges Magic Johnson to Join the National Commsion on AIDS, 1991

Copy of page 1 of a typwritten letter on White House letterhead dated November 13, 1991..

November 13, 1991
Dear Magic:
There has been a lot of speculation about your
joining the National AIDS Commission. I know that
you have been asked to serve.

This letter is simply to say that I personally hope
you will do this. The Commission is hiqh-level and
has a wonderful group of informed and influential
me’lllbers. There is genuine enthusiasm in all
quarters for your undertaking this service.

I want to add, however, that I know you are being
besia9ed with requests from all quarters — a
tribute not only to your achievement in lite but to
tho way you have come forward on this issue. But
please do not feel under any pressure to undertaKe
this assignment if it conflicts with other things
you want to do. I do not want you to feel that you
are being used in any way. I do want you to know
on a very personal basis that I respect you, admire
you, and hope that you will be able to join the
Commission. There will be times, perhaps, when the
Commission and the President are not in total
aqreement. so be itl You will be a frea and
independent voice working with an outstandinq group
of laaders if you decide to accept.
We need you but, of course, my respect and
adairation will in no way be diminished by whatever
you decide.

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