First Report to Cogene from the Working Group on recombinant DNA Guidelines, 1979

A draft report from the Committee on Genetic Experimentation convened by Dr. Cohen.

Cover page of First Report to COGENE from the Working Group on Recombinant DNA Guidelines (1979). COGENE (Scientific Committee on Genetic Experimentation) was and international body founded in 1976 “to serve as a source of advice concerning recombinant DNA activities. Among its purposes were (i) to review, evaluate and make available information on the practical and scientific benefits, safeguards, containment facilities and other technical matters; (ii) to consider environmental, health-related and other consequences of any disposal of biological agents constructed by recombinant DNA techniques; (iii) to foster opportunities for training and international exchange; and (iv) to provide a forum through which interested national, regional and other international bodies may communicate.” COGENE came on the heels of the 1975 Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA which in part resulted in placing scientific research discourse more into the public domain.

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