Choking Gases and Blood and Nerve Poisons

Choking Gases • If exposed to a choking gas such
as chlorpicrin or phosgene, put on gas mask at once.
These gases cause crying, choking, coughing, and a
tight feeling in the chest. Casualties must rest and
keep warm as long as the symptoms last, and must
not smoke.
Blood and Nerve Poisons. ~ut on „as ,„ask Ht
once. Otherwise severe symptoms like convulsions
and paralysis ma develop, 11 breathing stops,
artificial respiration should be given. (See page 53.)
Amyl nitrite is given to counteract the effects of cya-
nides (one group of these poisons). Crush two amyl
nitrite ampoules (supplied in gas casualty kits). Place
them inside victim’s gas mask. Repeat this measure
at least three times at intervals of 3 or 1 minutes.

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