President Garfield’s Condition: September 19, 1881, 9:00 AM

Portraits of Garfield's six doctors surround an illustration of the President on his sickbedELBERON, N. J.,
September 19, 1881.

9 A. M.
The condition of the President this morning continues unfavorable. Shortly after the issue of the evening bulletin he had a chill, lasting fifteen minutes. The febrile rise following continued until 12 midnight, during which time the pulse ranged from 112 to 130. The sweating that followed was quite profuse. The cough, which was troublesome during the chill, gave him but little annoyance the remainder of the night. This morning, at 8 A. M., the temperature was 98.8°; pulse, 106 and feeble; respiration, 22. At 8.30 another chill came on, on account of which the dressing was temporarily postponed. A bulletin will be issued at 12.30 P. M.


This post is one of a series reenacting the official bulletins released to the public by the physicians to President Garfield during his illness after the shooting on July 2, 1881.

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