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A hand moves checkers on a board. September 20

Man to Man, 1954

By Sarah Owen and Sarah Eilers “Sanctuary, refuge, hospital….The doors are locked, but it’s not a prison that we enter….This is his job, his living. This ward is his work world.” The film Man to Man (1954) takes the viewer inside the day-to-day job of ward aide Joe Fuller, who supervises and tries to connect […]

Chappelear's Bronchini, the great cure, the best of all cough cures. July 15

Medical Advertisements after FDA

By Kelsey Conway In the summer of 2014 I had the wonderful opportunity to intern with the National Library of Medicine’s History of Medicine Division. When it came time to complete my academic practicum as an MSLIS candidate at the Catholic University of America (concentration in Cultural Heritage Information Management), I was thrilled by the […]

Students seated in front of the "A Voyage to Health" Exhibition banners listen to a man holding up a lai September 04

A Voyage to Health, a Connection to Communities

By Alicia Yanagihara When you think of the National Library of Medicine, what comes to mind? Is it a Polynesian canoe? That definitely wasn’t my first thought either, yet South Pacific seafaring traditions have a connection to the National Library of Medicine. When I found out I would be interning at NLM in the History […]

August 21

Back to School with the Best of ‘Em

By Courtney Jefferies Around this time of the year, many of us, including myself, are preparing to go back to school. Throughout my summer internship in the History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine, I have been delving into Profiles in Science—an online collection of historical manuscripts of twentieth century leaders in […]

A group of women pose together at the National Library of Medicine. July 31

Primary Sources: K-12

Originally posted on CUA CHIM:
As an intern in the History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine, much of what I do relates to the digitization of analog materials. Digitization increases access when people who are unable travel to the physical item  can see the materials virtually from any computer. This is…

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Autism and Alzheimer’s on the Web

By Maureen Harlow Capturing websites and keeping copies of them for the future to represent how they looked and what they said at a certain moment in time (“web collecting”) is an important activity for cultural heritage institutions because so much of our lives is now conducted online. Whereas in earlier decades, people regularly kept […]

Nine young professionals pose at the Lister Hill Center at the National Library of Medicine. April 22

Emerging Trends in Digital Stewardship

Sharing new projects and experiences in digital stewardship was the theme of a recent National Digital Stewardship Resident (NDSR) symposium “Emerging Trends in Digital Stewardship,” held in NLM’s Lister Hill Auditorium. Throughout the day-long event the residents moderated panel presentations and guided lively discussions on a wide range of topics in digital preservation and digital […]