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Still from opening that reads For Official Use Only May 24

Vulnerability to Covert Attack, 1959

By Sarah Eilers Vulnerability to Covert Attack. The film title seems as relevant today as it must have when it was made, in the Cold War days of 1959. In the 1950s and ’60s, the United States government produced, or supported the production of, scores of films concerning the threat of atomic, biological, and chemical […]

Animation still of a young girl with "Immunize" printed on her dress. August 20

Emmy Immunity

By Sarah Eilers It’s August. Students are facing summer’s end and the start of another school year. Parents are scrambling to arrange physical and dental checkups, and pediatricians’ offices are deluged with immunization forms. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has nearly 200 cataloged films about vaccination and immunization. One recent acquisition features a pigtailed […]

Illustration of a Dissection of the Heart and Blood Vessels August 18

The Human Body in Pictures—Jacob Sarnoff

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Miriam Posner. Dr. Posner is the Digital Humanities program coordinator and a member of the core DH faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her Ph.D., from Yale University, is in Film Studies and American Studies. She is one of the confirmed participants in the upcoming April 2016 workshop […]

Private McGillicuddy's guts are literally 'tied in knots'. July 21

The Five Commandments

By Michael Rhode, with Michael Sappol Essay originally published in Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, 2011. Watch the films now on NLM’s Medical Movies on the Web. Inspired by the U.S. Army’s popular “Private Snafu” animated cartoon series, late in World War II the Navy hired Hugh Harman (1908–82) to do a similar […]

The imps attack the inside of the knee. June 25

The Inside Story

By Michael Sappol Inside Out, Pixar’s latest hit animated feature, is mainly set on the inside of a young girl’s brain. Riley, an eleven-year-old, is operated by a committee of characters, each representing an emotion, who collectively try to deal with her troubles at school and home. It seems like a very contemporary way to […]

A screenshot from the turning the pages interactive shown highlighting the UUU cell on the chart. March 19

A Tribute to Nirenberg—George Thoma

On March 17, 2015, the National Library of Medicine held a special event, “A Tribute to Marshall Nirenberg,” the first of a “triplet” of events at NIH being held to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of his deciphering of the genetic code. View the event here. The program included presentations from his wife, Dr. Myrna Weissman, scholars, and […]

A dentist puts his hand on a boy’s shoulder. March 03

“Come with me, into the visual instruction room”

By Michael Sappol A dentist invites a young boy: “Come with me, into the visual instruction room.” And with this, Ask Your Dentist, a silent dental film from around 1930 and a recent addition to NLM’s Medical Movies on Web, stages a cinematic revue of instructional techniques and tactics. In the course of 13 minutes […]