A page of printed text in gothic type Latin with a torn and repaired corner.

Contains the Latin text of the Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum, with commentary in German (leaves 2r-7v); Pseudo-Virgil’s De livore (leaf 8r); and Epistola familiaris metrice conscriptis modum serviendi mense exprimens (leaf 8v), doubtfully attributed to Johannes Fabri de Werdea.

Imprint from ISTC.
Gathering: [1]8.

Printed on Chancery-size paper, 39 lines to a full page; area of text: 150 x 68 mm. With initial spaces and a few printed paragraph marks, without signatures, foliation and catchwords.

NLM copy, leaf size: 185 x 128 mm.

NLM copy, not rubricated.

NLM copy, ink doodle of a man’s head on title page; marginal manuscript annotation on leaf 5v.

Text and additional works in Latin; commentary in German.

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