Letter from William Osler to Lewellys F. Barker, January 30, 1914

Handwritten letter by Osler on January 30, 1914, from 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford.

In this letter, Osler responded to Barker’s news that the Hopkins medical school had implemented a full-time requirement for its clinical as well as pre-clinical faculty chairs. Barker, who succeeded Osler as Chair of Medicine, refused to do this and so had to step down. Osler had earlier protested the full-time scheme as a bad idea, and was angry at the medical school’s unfair treatment of his friend.
Dear Barker
I am very sorry to hear that the conditions have been made impossible for you. The letter which you have written does credit to your heart and head — more to the former. Certainly you have been hardly treated from the standpoint of

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