Campaigning for Care

Planks to be presented by the National League of Women Voters to the Democratic Platform Committee
I Child Care: Prohibition of child labor, Infancy and maternity care, Adequate appropriate for childrens bureau
II Education: Federal department of education, Increased teachers’ salaries and removal of illiteracy, Citizenship instruction
III Home and High Prices: Increased training in home economics, Federal regulation of marketing and distribution of food.
IV Women in Gainful Occupations: Representation of women on all commissions having to do with women’s occupations. Civil service re-classified on merit basis and freed from sex discrimination.
V Public Health and Morals: Continued appropriate for public education and sex hygiene.
VI Independent Citizenship for Married Women: No forfeiture of citizenship through marriage to foreigners by American born women who continue to reside in the U.S. No acquiring of citizenship by foreign born women except through individual naturalization

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