A DHHS memo from the CDC.

The Secretary
Through: DS
Public Health Service
Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC)
Atlanta GA 30333
JUL 2 8 2009
FROM: Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Administratqr, Agem::yfor Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Distribution of a 2009 Novel HI Nl Influenza Vaccine
DA TE: July 28, 2009
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and BARDA are modifying pandemic
influenza vaccine distribution.plans based on the present 2009 HlNt influe11za pandemic
situation. Previous pandemic influenza planning was based on a set of assumptions from 2006
that included:
• A focus on a severe pangemic (H5Nl or 1918-like with a mortality rate of ~2% or
greater) with the potential for significant economic and social disruption.
• Vaccine becoming available initially in limited quantities, thereby necessitating
prioritization with a focus on targeting the critical workforce.
• A limited number of pandemic influenza vaccine manufacturers for the U.S. market with
product shipping costs factored into BARDA’s contracts with vaccine manufacturers.
• Tight control and programmatic management of vaccine administration activities by state
• and local governments, -ith health department-managed clinics as the primary .
vaccination strategy.
Based on these assumptions, the original_ plan for pandemic vaccine distribution focused on
direct distribution from the manufacturer or its distributor to a limited number (870) of statedesignated
vaccine ship-to sites.
To date, 2009 HIN I disease and vac::cine-related response activities have been substantially
different than for previous pandemic influenza planning scenarios.• Specifically, there has been
or there is expected to be: !
• Less severe disease than that anticipated for HSN l or a 1918-like pandemic
• Minimal economic and social disruption ·
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