A document with a title, overview text and a timeline of events and milestones.

HlNl Flu Preparedness Communications Plan
This plan is designed to build on the existing pandemic response
communications plan developed over the past few years, as well as the lessons
learned from the H1 N1 Spring 2009 experience. We seek to use what worked,
throw out what didn’t, and generally intensify and expand our efforts.
The plan includes (1) a timeline of major events and milestones that will occur
between now and the fall flu season; (2) the details of what we need to
communicate over that period, including an overarching message and key points;
(3) what, specifically, the White House, HHS, DHS, and other federal departments
can do to help deliver that message; and (4) important principles, challenges, and
themes that will dictate execution of our strategy.
The public health communications challenge we face is huge. Even when it is
difficult, we must tell people the truth. The Government’s credibility is critical to
our success.
TIMELINE – EVENTS and MILESTONES (dates in italics are approximate)
• Preliminary vaccine production data released – June 25
• Adviso1y Council of Influenza Practices (ACIP) meeting – Atlanta, GA – June
• Quarterly Incident Communicator Public Affairs Coordination Committee
(ICP ACC) meeting – July 1
• National Influenza Vaccine Summit – Dallas, TX – June 29-July 1
• Issue second set of vaccine production task orders – July 2
• Obama Administration Flu Preparedness Summit – Washington, DC – July 9
• HIN] vaccine lots available for clinical trials – July I 5
• National Governors Association summer meeting – Biloxi, MS – July 17-21
• National Council of State Legislators meeting – Philadelphia, PA – July 20-24
• National Foundation for Infectious Diseases adult immunizations press
conference – July 22
• National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) meeting –
July 29-31
• Preliminary clinical trial data available – August 19
• Southern Hemisphere HI NI surveillance and monitoring data available – August
• Preliminary clinical trial safety data and dosing data available – September 2-30

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