Bayne-Jones letter 11-6-1918

A typwritten letter from Stan to Alma, dated October 6, 1918, France.

October 6, 1918
Dear Alma:
When a baby is a month old, it must be very mature; I image that your daughter now shows promise of having charms like her mother and power like her father. Probably you celebrated yesterday as if it were an anniversary, – so many things much change for you and the baby during the first month of her life – which is a new life for both of you.
“Miss Alma’s” card was brought into my “parlor” to-day – just a month after her debut. I wish I could have asked her to come in – and you, especially.

The great news of victories by all our armies continues. The troops over here are fighting battles that surpass anything in even the Napoleon’s Legend. You would not have thought men capable of such endurance as they have shown. Their moving idea is to keep the Germans in retreat – and prevent his ever getting set in concrete trenches and behind iron loopholes again – and I think they’ll do it. We all want the job to end soon; we all want to come home – but not before we’ve beaten the Germans. It pulls your heart four ways to think of the possibility of peace now. But nearly everyone I’ve seen is willing to go on a while longer – to whip the Hun.
News has come that Germany is making peace overtures. You would not think his other overtures very peaceable if you were here. Wagnerian kettle drums and Irish confetti aren’t in it with the overture bursting around this hill.
I have had only one letter from Bayne – which is pretty good, considering his noted qualities as a letter writer. When he writes, his letter is good – but he doesn’t write frequently. His letter was written before “Miss Alma” was born, and worried about you. I hope I’ll hear from him again soon, – since he has had the good news.
I take it for granted that all is well with you and the baby – any thing wrong would be unbelievable, because such unwelcome news. When you have a photograph taken of yourself and the baby, will you send me one?
With best wishes as always,
P.S. Have just met Major Sawger, who happens to be our Div. Sg. Off. He new Bayne and says the finest things about him I’ve heard of any officer in a long time.

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