Pouring milk from a saucepan into a rack of bottles.

This film documents the daily routine of a normal, healthy infant. Shots taken in the home show approved methods of baby care as adapted and practiced by an individual mother and father who cooperate to keep their son on schedule. Shots include: baby in bed, feeding baby by bottle and vitamin by dropper, mother sterilizing bottles on stove and preparing formula, baby drinking water from glass, mother bathing baby in tub, dressing baby, mother feeding baby cereal in high chair, baby, warmly clothed, in carriage outdoors, mother checking baby before his nap, mother returning baby to house, mother removing baby’s warm clothing and giving him water, feeding baby vegetables and bottle of milk at two o’clock feeding, mother sewing while baby sleeps, baby playing in bed, baby playing undressed in bed, mother dressing baby for night, and father feeding baby orange juice, cereal, and milk before putting baby to bed for the night.

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