Anonymous Threat

Handwritten letter.

This is one of the few instances where a letter recipient anonymously vented his spleen at Mr. Bishop.
Appalled, Bishop unsuccessfully appealed to both the Postal Inspector and the F.B.I. to find and prosecute the writer.
to where you think you are the only good person on earth. Well there’s about 50 billion people that will tell you to go to hell if they ever read the trash you send out. People like you shouldn’t have the right to live. Why don’t you go over to Korea and fight. See how many men over there would follow you and your stupid lies about smoking, coffee, tea, beer and wine!!!!! You must not want to live very long MR. BISHIP!! Have you given up hope already! I’d like to cram it down your throat!! You’ll never, never get any people into your so called Human Engineering Foundation so why don’t you shoot yourself now to avoid the crowd!
Goodby Mister Biship
(Crazy Man!)

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