Anonymous Threat

Handwritten letter.

This is one of the few instances where a letter recipient anonymously vented his spleen at Mr. Bishop.
Appalled, Bishop unsuccessfully appealed to both the Postal Inspector and the F.B.I. to find and prosecute the writer.
Mr. Biship – Who are you that say that smoking is terrible? Drinking coffee, tea, wine etc are so very bad. Ba!! You ought to go to hell! Whats the use of living if you can’t smoke or drink? Drinking a coke – ha, I’ve never heard of such nonsense!! Smoking is a habit that millions of people enjoy. Who are you that can say to stop? I’d like to know just how many saps are in your crazy stupid foundation. You must be all communists! What do you want people to do – drink water all their life! A person works to earn money so that he can enjoy himself. Smoking, drinking coke, coffee, tea, wine, and liquor is enjoyed by everyone in the world except you lunatics, who with warp minds, think it is harmful Even Christ drank wine and was He a habit forming drunkard? No! You damned Atheist!! I’d like to be right there and beat the living hell out of you!!!! You better burn all your communist literature before I come back there and burn it for you!! You’re the lowest type of creature that exists! Your mind has snapped

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