R. W. Schramm: I must decline your offer with no regret.

Typewritten letter.

Bishop offered Mr. Schramm a position with his Human Engineering Foundation.
Room 406
30 East 42nd Street
New York 17, New York
August 30, 1957
Mr. Howard B. Bishop, H.E.
Human Engineers
Summit, New Jersey
My dear Mr. Bishop:
I received your invitation to join Human Engineers. While I am an engineer by training and a number of people believe me to be human, I find that I must decline your offer with no regret. While in personal habit I am abstentious of coffee and tobacco, I dearly love tea, chocolate and most alcoholic beverages and intend to practice the “vice” (?) of indulging in these for as long or as short a time as I may continue to live, for I will be just as dead no matter how the end comes.
One of the beautiful freedoms of the United States is that it allows its citizens to smoke, drink or drive themselves to death. It also allows any who desire to become “do gooders” to mount their steeds and charge after the windmills hoping “to help make this a better world.” I unfortunately (?) do not belong to this latter group, but pay allegiance to the “laissez-faire” school of live-and-let-live, postponing until I have eliminated all my personal imperfections that future day when I start on a campaign to save others.
May you have a long and drugless live.
R. W. Schramm


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