John G. Schneider: Crackpots Anonymous?

Typewritten letter from 215 Fourth Avenue North, Naples, Florida.

Seeking to draw his attention to the dangers of smoking, Bishop accused Mr. Schneider of being a covert operative insidiously promoting tobacco use within the text of his otherwise innocuous article. Mr. Schneider misinterpreted the enlightenment.
John G. Schneider
215 Fourth Avenue North
Naples, Florida
May 6, 1950
Human Engineering Foundation
Box 118
Summit, new Jersey
And that salutation is used very loosely when addressed to Mr. Bishop, the author of the scurrilous slander enclosed. For your information, I conceived the idea for the Coronet article. The tobacco industry learned about it at exactly the same time you did, assuming that people in the tobacco industry bought copies of Coronet on the newsstand. As to your request that I fill out a questionnaire, please go to hell. It takes a colossal helping of sheer guts to imply that a writer is a crook – – and then ask a favor of him.
By the way, who employs you: WCTU? Anti-Saloon League? Crackpots Anonymous?
Very sincerely,
John G. Schneider


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