T. J. Ross: I do not believe…

Typewritten letter on Ivy Lee dna T. J. Ross letterhead.

T. J. Ross bluntly told Bishop that he didn’t believe any of the substances were harmful. Ross’ public relations business represented, among other clients, American Tobacco.
Ivy Lee and T. J. Ross
405 Lexington Avenue
New York, 17, N.Y.
T. J. Ross
James W. Lee, II
J. M. Ripley
Carl C. Dickey
Richard T. Nimmons
Hiram H. Hertell
William J. Gaskill
William M. Simpich
Telephone: Murray Hill 6-2727
Cable Address: IVYLEE, NEW YORK
May 29, 1956
Dear Mr. Bishop:
Your letter of May 18th enclosing propaganda material against smoking and other pleasurable things has been received.
I appreciate your compliments but I do not believe that coffee, tea, chocolate, the cola drinks, cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products, beer wine and whiskey are “the hot spots of human destruction.”
Sincerely yours,
T J Ross
Mr. Howard B. Bishop, President
Human Engineers
Summit, New Jersey


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