John P. Marquand: …the fourth time…is getting me a trifle weary.

Typewritten letter on Kent's Island NewburyPort, Massachusetts letterhead.

John P. Marquand was a Pulitzer prize-winning American novelist, best known for his series of Mr. Moto detective stories. He grew tired of being warned about smoking.
Kent’s Island
Newburyport, Massachusetts
June 29, 1949
Human Engineering Foundation
Summit, New Jersey
Dear Sirs:
Your letter of June 20 represents, I think, the fourth time that you have reminded me that a published photograph of mine has been taken with a pipe in my hand. This constant reminder is getting me a trifle weary, particularly as I am apt to smoke in moderation. Also, it must waste the time of your secretarial staff provided you are worried about your office expenses and provided your staff has better things to do, neither of which may be the case. I suggest that you do not take the trouble to write me any more letters because I know just what tobacco does to me.
Very truly yours,
John P. Marquand


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