O. B. Motter: All the great men of the world…were smokers.

Typewritten letter on Kaiser-Frazer Corporation letterhead.

O. B. Motter, vice president of the Kaiser-Frazer automobile manufacturing company, found comfort in taunting Bishop.
Kaiser-Frazer Corporation
Willow Run, Michigan
O. B. Motter
Vice President
1710 Broadway
New York 19, N. Y.
February 16, 1948
Dear Mr. Bishop:
This will acknowledge your letter of February 12th.
We think smoking is a pleasant an enjoyable pastime. Mr. Kaiser smokes cigars; Mr. Frazer smokes cigars; I smoke cigars, cigarettes and a pipe. Winston Churchill smokes cigars; our great President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, smoked cigarettes.
All the great men of the world, including General Grant, were smokers. Why don’t you put your feet in front of the fire some night and light up your pipe and find how much it relaxes you?
O. B. Motter
Mr. Howard B. Bishop
Human Engineering Foundation
Summit, New Jersey


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