C. D. Crawford: I am afraid that would not do.

Typewritten letter on The Pines letterhead.

Howard Bishop had vacationed at The Pines and thought the manager should know that by smoking he was subconsciously encouraging the habit to those who might see him. Mr. Crawford evidently thought he was a crackpot.
The Pines
“On Quaint Cape Cod”
Cotuit, Massachusetts C. D. Crawford, Manager
August 22, 1952
Mr. H. B. Bishop
33 Prospect Hill avenue
Summit, New Jersey
Dear Mr. Bishop:
Thanks for your letter of August 20th. I quite agree with you that it is too bad to set a bad example for the young people. I did not know that I had a contagious disease, but I think perhaps it would be better if I took up your suggestion and used gin instead of coffee. However, this would cause my wife to leave me and I am afraid that would not do.


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