Ralph J. Bunche: I never drink coffee.

Typewritten letter on United Nations letterhead.

Polite and informative, Ralph Bunche’s response to Bishop’s letter is curiously worded. Bishop had written about a photograph of Bunche smoking and drinking coffee; Bunche denied only the coffee drinking.
United Nations Nations Unies
Lake Success, New York
Telephone: Fieldstone 7-1100
November 4, 1949
Dear Mr. Bishop,
I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letters of October 20 and 25, and to thank you for your interest in my welfare. However, contrary to your assumption, I never drink coffee.
Sincerely yours,
Ralph J. Bunche
Acting Assistant Secretary-General
Department of Trusteeship and Information from Non-Self-Governing Territories
Mr. Howard B. Bishop,
Human Engineering Foundation,
Summit, New Jersey.

19491104 b5_MSC562

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