Some of the literature Bishop usually enclosed with his letters.

A newspaper ad for materials from the Human Engineering Foundation.

A Better Way of Life
This consists in exercising self-control and self-denial, making the mind superior to the body, by overcoming the use of coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, beer, wine and whiskey. By so doing, one can save money (averaging $400.00 per family per year), have better health, a longer and more enjoyable life, a clearer mind, better human relationships and – best of all – create the will to win. When a person adopts this formula not merely for selfish benefits but in order to help others, then one is sure to receive a great reward in the joy that comes from performing humane and unselfish service to help others. Remember, each one who is helped in overcoming and avoiding the use of all drugs represents an average direct saving of $10,000.00 in the individual’s lifetime and an economic gain of more than $20,000.00 for our Country. This reclaiming of humanity from the misery caused by poisons is a most valuable and necessary contribution to society. Lend a helping hand not only through your own example but by a personal conference with your associates and friends – giving them testimony as to the benefits you have received.
Howard B. Bishop
Human Engineering Foundation

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