A handwritten letter.

June 27, 1918 Dear Margaret: This morning I mailed you a much worn letter which had been in my pocket in rainy weather for over twenty-four hours. I did not burden you with another letter last evening. Two of my scrawls in one mail might be too much for a lovely lady with a sick child on her hands. A shortage of postage stamps was responsible for the delay. I bought three books of stamps this morning so as not to be caught that way again. Yesterday I saw the General,–General Hucheson–and he issued an order announcing that I had been attached to his staff and that all non-military organizations having dealings with the military organizations at the port of embarkation should deal with me. Twenty six organizations or groups of organizations were listed in the document, including the Red Cross and the U.S.P.H. Service. For two and a half days I have been spending much time walking the streets (over)

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