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You will be interested in knowing some of the more recent rumors concerning Huey Long’s death. The most recent one is that he was not shot by Weiss, but that Weiss came in to speak to Long and that following a cursing by Long that Weiss hit him. That would account for a cut which Huey had on the lip and which caused some bleeding from his lip. The rumor then goes that Weiss was knocked to the ground by one of the guards, following which Weiss shot, but instead of hitting Huey hit one of the guards in the hand. Following this the guards began shooting while Weiss was on the floor and one of the bullets rickashawed from the wall and struck Long. This rumor is based upon the fact that one of the surgeons who attended Huey stated that the entrance and exit wounds were several centimeters in diameter, which hardly could have been produced by a steel-jacketed .32 bullet which was fired from Weiss’ gun. Further support to this rumor is given by the fact that Weiss was buried from the Catholic Church with full rites, and I am told that such is not possible for a murderer or suicide. It is interesting at least.

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