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You probably heard the excitement which happened here in Louisiana and probably know most of the details about the assassination of Huey Long. Sunday night, three days ago, while completing one of the extra sessions of the legislature, a Dr. Carl Weiss, of Baton Rouge, who graduated from Tulane University in 1927 went into the State House and shot Huey through the abdomen. Dr. Weiss was immediately mowed down by Huey’s bodyguard, there being sixty-one bullet holes in his body. The paper states that his face was completely shot off. Huey was immediately taken to the hospital in Baton Rouge, where Vidrine apparently operated upon immediately. He was on the table two hours, went on in shock and came off in more shock. In the meantime Stone and Maes had been summoned from New Orleans, but by the time they got there the whole thing was over. Huey never recovered from shock and died at four o’ clock Tuesday morning. Only one bullet entered his body, but passed through the colon a couple of times, though the kidney, and apparently passed through the base of the right lung.
It is difficult to say just what effect it is going to have on the state, but undoubtedly things are going to begin to pop. The dope is that Allen will resign, which makes Noe governor. Noe will then turn around and appoint Allen senator to fill Huey’s unexpired term. The thing happened so recently that it is difficult to say just what the outcome will be, but undoubtedly there will be considerable shake-up.

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