Printed page with title and introductory text.
THE following facts are chiefly extracted frorn^NiLt i
a late work published in London in favour of Vaccina-
tion ; they are submitted to the serious consideration of
every person, who may think the preservation of human
life an object worthy of attention.

The Small Pox we are informed from the best au-
thorities, destroys, annually, in Great Britain alone, be-
tween forty and fifty thousand lives; or, throughout the
habitable globe, twenty millions of people, exclusive of
those who perish from the enfeebled state of the system,
produced by this formidable disease.

Some tolerable idea may be formed of the ravages
committed by the Small Pox, by examining the bills of
mortality: for in London, where the climate is temperate,
the disease well known, and the treatment of the sick
very ably conducted, two or three thousand persons, ac-
cording to Baron Dimsdale, annually perish.

So great was the epidemic rage of the Small Pox at
Paris, in 1723, says Voltaire, that upwards of twenty
thousand persons perished by it in that city alone.

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