Forward in NLM #27120710R

A page of text in a typewritter font headed Forward and signed by Arthur G. Trudeau, Lieutenant General, GS Chief, of Research and Development.

This is a book of current problems, a list of challenges in science
and technology with which the Army’s Research and Development program is
concerned. The solution of these problems can very substantially help this
Nation in its need to be as strong in the face of tomorrow’s danger as it
was on the battlefields of yesterday.
We are determined to stay strong by looking ahead. The combined talent
and resources of our country, and particularly those at the disposal of
American industry, are enormous beyond telling. The contributions of
industry to the Nation’s welfare in other moments of crisis have merited
the deepest respect and gratitude of the Army and the Nation.
You have shown that our problems, given sustained attention, are
capable of solution. Due to your response to the first edition, over
eleven thousand copies were distributed. This overwhelming acceptance of
the guide has encouraged me to have this new edition produced. We are again
calling certain of these problems to your attention because I believe your
organization has the ability, background and desire to help.
Each of the Army’s seven technical services, as well as my office,
has revised its volume of problems comprising an eight-part series that
are being made available to interested organizations. I have felt, since
becoming Chief of Research and Development, an increased need for a clear
and concise statement of the Army’s needs. Many industrial leaders have
asked for such a guide to our problems, reflecting their desire to be of help.
To keep these challenges in proper perspective – to emphasize only those
problems that still are unsolved, current and wide open to research – we
have again for the most part excluded problems currently under government
sponsorship , either by industry or the Army, A few of the problems may
already be funded, but if they are listed here, it is because anticipated
results are not likely to give us all the answers we need. Finally, we
have excluded developmental or applied problems requiring only product
Configuration, and “systems” problems that are likely to be beyond the
realistic capability of individual firms.
What we are looking for are scientific and technical wonders – major
and minor. The Army is aware that such advances, and the efforts to bring
them about, consume an industry’s financial and human resources, The Army
itself is concer ned that successful research, of ultimate practical
application, should not go unrewarded, within the framework of existing
budgeting and contracting propedures. You may be assured, therefore, that
this revised edition is placed in your hands with this realistic outlook.
Arthur G. Trudeau
Lieutenant General, GS
Chief, of Research and Development

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