General Considerations

Introduction page with text.

Defensive Measures Against Gas Attacks.
I. – Introduction.
A. – General Considerations.
1. The following notes on defensive measures against hostile gas attacks have been compiled for the guidance of officers in instructing their men and giving orders on the subject.
2. In the absence of suitable protection the gases used in war are extremely deadly. Breathing only very small quantities may cause death or serious injury. Hence, it is essential that no time be lost in putting on the respirators or masks when a gas alarm is heard.
It cannot be too strongly impressed on all that the measures which have been elaborated to meet hostile gas attacks afford perfect protection, and if they are carried out properly and promptly no one will suffer from gas poisoning.
3. The whole basis for protecting troops against gas lies a) in keeping the appliances in perfect working order; b) in learning to adjust them rapidly under all conditions; and c) in ensuring that every man is given immediate warning. These results can only be attained:
1) By frequent and thorough inspection of all protective appliances. The inspections to be daily in the trenches.
2) By thorough instruction and training in their use.
3) By every man understanding and complying with all Standing Orders on the subject of defense against gas.
If these are effectively carried out, there is nothing to fear from hostile gas attacks. Officers must impress this on their men, since an important object of all anti-gas instruction should be to inspire complete confidence in the efficacy of the methods adopted.

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