MS C 117-diary-008

A typed war diary entry.

Marshall Joffre looks just like his picture and was recognized by everyone just as soon as he stepped in the building. General Foch is

a splendid looking character. He broke thru the German lines at the Marne and is reported to have refused to retreat when the English

wanted him to, which would have gen the Germans Galais. In other words, he will stand out in history almost equal to marshall Joffre.

Dr. Williams was in to have a talk about venereal diseases and incidentally he has something to say about the Service of Water at the

front. We showed him the memorandum which had been prepared on that subject which apparently pleased him very much. The Doctor left

for the States Saturday. On Sunday, the 24th, Colonel Bradley and I had luncheon with Doctor Hutchinson, Doctor Powers and Doctor

Manion and Doctor Bacon at some little place down the river. It was a [unreadable] luncheon and the question of militarizing the

American Ambulance was discussed. They are to put up the concrete proposition so that it can be cabled to the States for the necessary

authority to bring into the service and then loan them to the French just as we have done with the six base hospitals to the English.

Nothing particularly happened from an official standpoint on Sunday. We went to tea at Captain Boyd’s and then took a walk and in the

evening remainded in at home. In the walk we went out to the Bois, which is a famous place around Paris. Dick Strong has been in the

office several times and a telegram has been sent to call him into active service. He could start the laboratory which will be needed

for the Service of Water. Wadhams is back this morning from his trip to Valdahon and Gondrecourt. He reports things as progressing

fairly well up there. I had a talk with Dr. Pette this morning in regard to the control of prostitutes in the town where we have

troops. The concrete propsition put up to him was to have the authorities stop street-walkers, cribs, and soft snaps; to have all the

prostitutes put in a restricted districts, examined twice a week and given cards; to have all infected prostitutes sent to a local

hospital and kept there until they were not infectious. He has promised to see what can be done. In the meantime the Judge Advocate is

preparing a venereal order which he is consulting us about from time to time. The report of the Gas Board was apparently accepted by

the general, as was the report on the Red Cross organization. The request for the establishment of a Service of Water was referred to

the Chief Engineer and Colonel Taylor promised me that he would ask by cable to have a sanitary engineer sent over here. We have

examined for promotion Edwards, Carad, Clyde Ford, Wadhams and Church. Church is pretty well advanced in tabes and his case will have

to be worked out yet. No mail from home yet. It appears like a century since we sailed from New York four weeks ago today.

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