MS C 117-diary-007

A typed war diary entry.

gave instructions to move on Saturday morning. That evening I went to dinner with Beeuwkes and Mount at the Italian Restaurant, my

first experience in that line. We had a perfectly [unreadable] dinner. In the afternoon at 4:00 o’clock, Major Bacon, Colonel Bradley

and myself had a meeting at the American Red cross to discuess the part the Red Cross would play in general and what we could do

towards militarizing the present units now working in France. The meeting was a most satisfactory one, as have all our meetings with

Major Murphy and his Committee. The event of Saturday the 23rd was the lunch given to General Pershing and his Staff by the Military

Governor of Paris and Madam Dubail, at the home of the Military Governor. It was certainly a great occasion and one to be remembered

forever. It is the first time the dining room in their palace has been opened since the beginning of the War. Below is the names of

the officials at this luncheon and the manner in which they were seated at the table:

Cote Jardin
Lt Vannier
Lt-Cl Bethel
Col Herque
Ce de Marenches
Col. Ireland
Gal Polacchi
Col Brewster
Gal Foch
Gouv. Mre de Paris
Col. Harbord
Comt Cochet
Gal Galopin
Col Taylor
Comt Hue
Lt-Cl Williams
Cne Legorju
Attache d’Intendance
Emile Laurent
Cote Cour

Lt Noirot
Lt-Cl Fabry
Col. Russel
Comt Attuyt
Col. Tissier
Cl Mac Carthy
Gal Peltier
Gal Pershing
Mme Dubail
Marechal Joffre
Col. Alvord
Col Vidalon
Col. Bradley
Lt Ney d’Elchingen
Lt Cl Eychene
Cne Sockeel

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