Red Tape

Quarantine Chief Will Probe Port ‘Red Tape’

The Bulletin: Friday April 1, 1927
Quarantine Chief Will Probe Port ‘Red Tape’
By Leon Adams
Simplification of the government “red tape” that surrounds ships arriving in San Francisco is being considered by Washington authorities, it became known today.
Hugh S. Cumming, surgeon general of the United States Public Health Service, personally will investigate the delays to which ships are subjected in the this port when he returns from the Pan-Pacific education and health conference in Honolulu late next month. Before he left San Francisco Comming made known his intention of looking into the protests of steamships lines against the many inspections through which vessels are compelled to go before they are allowed to dock.
He will also consider the recommendation s for a night quarantine boarding service and other changes in the procedure of his department.
“Ship owners are asking relief and I am going to see what can be done,” Comming said before his departure.
Many Inspections
“there is no doubt that incoming vessels suffer many delays in the normal business of commerce. Inspections of quarantine, customs, immigrations, plant and steamboat services have multiplied to such an extent that some remedy may be possible,
“however, we must remember that each of these agencies is extremely important, and they must not be scrambled together. Various things have been tried in other ports, and not all have worked. We once started to carry the customs boarding officers on the quarantine steamers in New York but were forced to discontinue it.”
Cummings is well acquainted with the situation in San Francisco, for it was in this port, while quarantine office from 1901 to 1906, that he obtained much of his maritime experience.
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