An opening in the Journal describes in the influenza and notes the signing of the WWI armistice.

Nov. 4. Rain
Launch hauled out on ways for cleaning and painting.
Fred O Hatcher 48. Iowa nominated as 2nd Cook (temp.) vice McCoy resigned.
“5. Launch put overboard.
“6. Left station an Argonaut at 4.P.M and boarded Amer. S/S Venezuela from Hong Kong via ports of call 20 cases of influenza aboard. H. P.
Clerk Lemann home sick with Influenza
Pat. Killalea engineer compensation increased $60 to $80 per mo. Effective Nov. 1.
Krohn nominated as Temp. fireman vice Ffrench resigned.
“9. M. J. Melia 56. Eng. Nominated as fireman vice Griffen resigned.
“11 Chiu Guie Tow 15 China nominated as wailer vice Joy Sing resigned July 20.
“9. Las of Influenza cases from U.S. A. Ship Iris discharged.
Nov. 9. Weekly Inspection
Bedding from No. 6 &7 and laundry from McDowell disinfected. Concrete drain up hill to green house completed.
“11. Detachment of 10 men received from Naval Training Station at Goat Island for experimental purposes. Surgeon McCoy arrives from Laboratory to carry out experiments relative to the causal agent of Epidemic Influenza.
“11. Armistice for 30 days truce in World War signed today by Marshal Foch & German plenipotentiaries.
“14. 2nd detachment of 10 men received from Naval Training Station for experimental purposes.
“15. Attendant Lakin deck hand Argonaut resigns
“14. Clerk Lemann died this evening at Marine Hospital.
“16. Weekly inspection
Fire Drill at no. 13
During the week new top built on chimney at no.7 Concrete drain started below no.4.
W. A. Korn. Surgeon.

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