A handwritten letter on hotel stationairy.

MSC 155, folder 17
country out at the front before very long. My note of introduction from Uncle Willie Georgas to Sir Alfred Keogh – the director General of the Medical Corps here helped me a lot, in giving me a chance to tell him what I want to do. Th Field s— that this will allow me to study will be intensely interesting.
Ever since we arrived in England we have been the “guests” of the British Government and have been entertained far more than we deserve. I have had lots of experiences and a thousand things I’d like to tell you about. But I can only jot the important ones down.
Today we were received at Buckingham Palace – the King and Queen come down after his graceful speech – and shook hands with each one of us as we were introduced by the American Ambassador. In Liverpool, General Edwards…

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