A typwritten journal page dated May 27.

MSC 451, folder 6
May 27
We are here at last and have not the least disappointment unless its because we are so far from the lines — 80 miles —and our work very base. The hospital is in huts and tents, 1500 to 1800 beds – running light now but threatening to be busy. They all do that of course. The beds are in huts of steel and wood and in tents, very permanent and for war quite luxurious. The doctors’ quarters are in similar huts — but at present and until the British move out I’m in a tent with Dr. Christie Toner. Sleeping is great, the shaving, washing etc. not so good.
We are in the middle of France and its much the same as home – perhaps a bit warmer. The hosp. I’ll describe later. The censor wont care about that. Incidentally I’m my own censor, but now and then one may be opened and besides that there isnt much that would be interesting that would be forbidden by any censor. I can summarize before I start that now we have found a fine place to do a lot or work that needs to be done and that we can do it well. Also we can live and work in safety and with a distinct degree of comfort –mental and physical.

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