A typwritten journal page dated May 20.

MSC 451, folder 6
May 20
The Mayor’s party last night was a success in every sense of the word. All the dignitaries of the city and many big Army doctors were there. The Mayor made another speech in the broadest sort of Lancashire dialect – and he is rich. He was dressed up in his royal regalia and you would swear he had just stepped out of Punch. Some of the big business men made very pleasing talks – but our own little Cap. Tuttle took the honors in the speech fight. War will have to be pretty impressive to obliterate all memories of Blackpool.
May 21
We are told Eng. is changed by the war – it might be. All the street cars have young women conductors and they seem very efficient — they have much braid, and many badges and buttons — very short skirts with heavy wool stockings and low shoes — some wear boots. I’ve seen lots of women ‘shoffers’ both private and taxi and they all dress alike – you can spot them a mile away. We see very few men in stores – of course a few old or crippled ones — Women car cleaners, scrub women, window washers and push-cart peddlers are very common. Hotel employees are all women, boys or old men.

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