Letter FL6_003

Blankenhorn letter from the S. S. Orduna

They have queer food these Eng. – but good. Paryzek, Barney, Eisenburg and I eat together and we have indulged in

all sorts of gastromic adventures. I’ve been reading Mark Twain’s Tramps Abroad and some of the Innocents Abroad

and his remarks on European food and ship are quite my sentiments expressed. especially when he found out why

English tea was so good — he learned that by trying to drink their coffee. We’ve had about 19 kinds of little

dinky smoked fish with 40 kinds of sauce — all of which drive one to drink. They do have good fruit and salads –

but only the Americans eat them. The English eat only meat. I certainly am in favor of a few meatless days for the

English – ’twill do them all good.

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