Letter FL6_002

Blankenhorn letter from the S. S. Orduna

a military organization when we land. WE will be obliged to do some marching when we land – just to reach our

destination – and how much for advertising purposes no one knows – the first to carry the flag ets ets may be

called on to do a lot carrying. Let’s hope they make it short. I dont like it.
This boat is full of English and they are of the worst sort- a few amongthem who are in service and some retired,

the rest talkers. Under most circumstances they would probably be obnoxious but now they are uncommonly courteous.

We think with a little tact we can get thru Eng. without rubbing their hair wrong.
We were all odered into civilian clothes by the master of the ship. He said if we were put into the boats in

uniform we certainly would be shelled as ordinary troops — so we had to hustle for clothes. An Eng. from S.

America gave me a grey suit that fit me only where it touched me – and that wasnt often. I felt disgraced and staid

out of sight as much as possibe – out of my own sight. I felt like a spy and certainly looked like something in disguise.

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